NYC Piano Movers


Specialists in the field of moving, piano movers are experts in moving different kinds of pianos. They have been able to pack the instrument, transport it by truck, specially fitted for moving pianos, deliver the instrument, unpack it, and tune it for free.

Since piano moving needs technical know-how, the movers are specially trained and know in detail. A special service, piano movers charge high rates than furniture movers but offer guarantees. While the spinet, console, studio upright, and the upright grand can become whole, instruments like the baby grand, and concert pianos need to be dismantled from their legs, wrapped in blankets and placed on a piano or skid board Moving Company San Diego.

Most piano moving companies are tech savvy and your consignment can be tracked while in transit. The service is fully insured and experienced movers use state of the art moving equipment to move delicates like pianos.

Movers will place a piano on a piano board, cover it with blankets, and strap the piano securely to the board. Then a dolly is used to move the stairs or truck. Down a stairway the dolly is removed and the piano on the board is slid slowly down or up the stairs. Great control is needed to ensure that the piano does not speed and runaway from the movers. When moving a piano to homes on higher floors a mover will use a hoist instead of taking the instrument by the stairs. The preferred option is a freight lift.

The way to find the ideal piano mover is by word of mouth, ask another piano owners, your technician, or a piano dealer to recommend a reliable mover. Reliable piano movers will be able to answer the questions.

The mover will charge either by a hourly rate or a flat rate computed by considering type of piano, distance being moved, difficulty in moving, equipment and workforce required, and schedule. As a concerned owner, you must check about licenses, insurance, hidden costs, as well as guarantees.

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