Teleseminar Marketing Funnel Number 1: Free Q and A Teleseminar to Paid Class

In the event that you may speak above your phone, you should use teleseminars (topical, prearranged meeting calls) to give individuals interested in your topic a sample of exactly what you understand and teach. Then you encourage them to sign up for a paid out telecourse or other sort of schooling application.

This is a tele-seminar marketing funnel I’ve successfully used a lot of occasions. When you’ve got your own list, this version doesn’t require that you give away any commissions regarding the paid application. If you really don’t have your own list, you can publicize the completely free teleseminar through online event listings, no cost statements in forums and email lists, press announcements and ads clickfunnels pricing table.

Listed below are the actions to follow along.

Measure 1: Announce a free one-hour teleclass in that you are going to answer queries regarding your topic. On the sign up form for this course, include a box where folks can type inside their main question about the topic. If people register, they ought to obtain an automated email informing them of the contact number and get code to use for the free teleclass, together with the date and time of this telephone. Send a reminder email, comprising the same info, to all the participants one hour or 2 until the call is planned to commence.

Step 2: contain the totally free teleclass. Keep the group loudly during the first halfof whenever you solution the finest pre-submitted queries within a organized fashion. You could even answer related questions which no one actually filed. Subsequently unmute the line for dwell concerns and comments. Be certain that you provide actual significance in your answers as opposed to come ons to your upcoming paid program. Begin and end on time.

Measure 3: Mail those who signed up for the

free teleclass (and who may or may well not really have attended) and also let them know regarding the coming paid course. Present a hyperlink to this web site that describes it in depth. Send 1 or more reminder emails concerning the coming paid out class to the particular list.

Optional: Record your complimentary Q&A telephone and make the recording available to those who failed to sign up to the Q&A session. Have automatic follow ups instead pitching the paid class to people that request the recording.

Version: Ask colleagues to host a completely free Q&A teleclass alongside you. Pitch the compensated class both by the finish in their Q&A class as well as from automated follow up e mails. Use an affiliate application so that you may benefit your colleagues having a commission for every particular person who subscribes to your paid class through their link.

In the event you replicate your paid program, it’s possible to either replicate the full course of action above or just offer you the completely free recording of one’s Q&A teleclass, together with automated follow-ups set up that pitch the coming paid application.

If you change your paid class to a home-study program, you can keep your supply of this totally free teleclass recording up indefinitely about the web, with its automated follow up e mails. You are able to then generate traffic to this opt-in through payperclick marketing , site posts or search term SEO.

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