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Just because you Google “rental car companies” and stumble-upon the first site that looks enticing enough to go with, that does not mean this is necessarily the best route to go-pun intended. Of the dozens of rental car companies in the marketplace, about 13 of them are considered the major players. These companies will also usually offer lower prices-due to their rental cars being rented en masse; HOWEVER, the most attractive rental car companies are not necessarily the biggest-at least not always SUV Rental. Read on, you savvy-shopper!

The best car rental companies not only provide you with a great price, but with exceptional customer service as well. Do not be afraid to check sites like consumer reports for local reviews of rental companies, as the insight of many customers’ opinions could prove pivotal to your ultimate decision in choosing a company. Also, search for sites that have coupon codes to specific rental car companies Rent Nissan. Those can save you as much as 20-25% off the total bill. Another thing; go with rental businesses or branches that are not part of or near an airport. You will find out that the government has levied plenty of nice taxes on most airport-based businesses, rental car companies being no exception.

Those are good points to keep in mind, but it is far from an exhaustive list. Granted, you are not going to fill your days and nights researching car rental companies; but, there are many things you do need to know and that will get you the best car rental deal accompanied by the best customer service. That said, there is probably no single website that should be considered the “best” when searching. Sites like Hotwire, Expedia, and Travelocity are really good at bundling rental car deals with other travel means, such as air-fares and accommodations. If you just need a rental car, find a reputable site that offers reviews, as well as things like rental discount codes and miscellaneous tips and tricks.

A few other things you might not have thought about concerning car rental companies include the ever-increasing (not to mention ever decreasing font-size!) fine print. Make sure you know the dealer’s policy on turning-in the car a bit late. Most rental companies have become even stricter on this, giving you just 30 minutes over schedule. If you are over this, chances are you are going to get stuck with paying up to another full day. Yikes! Also, inquire if you have the option of opting out of the rental car company’s insurance and providing your own-via either your own car insurance carrier, or sometimes even your credit card provider.

Do not let the above guidelines deter you from renting a car, however. They are merely listed here to help you shop for that rental a whole lot smarter. Whether it is for leisure, business, work, or a mix-up of those, great bargains are always there to be found with most rental companies. Do not be tempted to go with the first attractive bargain you come across. Do your homework–visit consumer report sites. Find independent reviews of the dealer you are looking at. Go with one that gets you the most bang for your buck as well the best customer service to boot.