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Smartest Dogs – Here’s a question I received lately, does it sound familiar?

I first got my puppy as a boost when he was already 3 years old. The prior owner hasn’t had him neutered, and he’s a full-breed black laboratory that weighs 120 lbs. So you may imagine when he jumps on different dogs, or people, to hump on them it is a fairly major deal and it is difficult to get him from them. Anyone who has had one, pretty much understands that labs are generally all “pup” even when they’re full-grown.

After I had formally embraced him, I did catch him neutered so I believed that could calm his hormones down and stop his impulse to hump on additional puppies. It did appear to dissuade him for just a time. Regrettably, in the last couple of months, he has been really going after such other dogs in the dog park and finds out you to concentrate on and then proceeds to hump on her, or him.

The sex of the dog does not matter, my puppy just merely gets excited and decides he would like to control one particular dog. Some dog owners do not make a huge deal with this, since they are puppies. Other dog owners may get rather upset if their pet becomes dominated by a different puppy.

I had a conversation with a girl in the dog park last weekend and she had a sizable Golden-Doodle breed puppy. He appeared to be the most adorable dog in the park, however she maintained that her puppy, though neutered, also does the exact same thing that my puppy does. She shared with me that she’s actually been requested to leave the dog park because of her puppy’s behaviour. How awkward. I believe that is the worst part, is that this type of behaviour is extremely embarrassing.

Why would they hump other dogs? I have searched for a few answers on the internet and spoke to other pet owners and all of them say the normal response, it is more or less domination. I am not so convinced. Despite the fact that my dog was neutered, he does not appear competitive enough to control other dogs, it feels like he just gets excited and that is his instinct, to hump on additional dogs.

I have watched training videos about things to do, and also for the most part they say I want to only use an extremely firm command for him to cease. I’d need to be quite loudly though because if he gets in this manner, he is so concentrated and he does not listen to me. So I usually have to catch his collar and eliminate him from the situation entirely.

I truly love going to the dog park, but now I fear I need to head when no other dogs are there so I do not need to manage the humping. I am not certain if appropriate training is the solution for all of us in getting him accustomed to being calm about other dogs or not. I’d be inclined to try nearly anything just so that we may visit the park and have fun along with other dogs without becoming embarrassed about his behaviour.