Quit Smoking Weed – CAUTION Don’t Ignore These 3 Reasons to Stop Smoking Marijuana Once and For All


As marijuana is not considered a “hard drug”, people can be pretty dismissive about it’s effects and whether they believe it is addictive or not. This will often lead to you thinking you can quit smoking weed whenever you feel like it and at this moment it time you just don’t feel like it! Unfortunately this is part of the psychological addiction associated with smoking marijuana.

1) You may wish to stop smoking weed because of the effects on your respiratory system. One joint is believed to be as dangerous in terms on nicotine and tar as smoking 28 cigarettes. The main reason for this is marijuana is usually smoked without a filter and you are far more likely to hold the smoke in your lungs for a longer period of time. If you decide to quit smoking weed, the damage caused can eventually be reversed over time CBD.

2) Another reason to quit smoking weed is the effect it has on your general appearance. Smoking in general can quickly age the skin. However, with the added harm that marijuana smoke causes, this could get much worse. Many marijuana smokers have huge bags under their eyes and can have very aged and wrinkly skin. If you continue to smoke weed, you will age well before your time.

3) One of the main reasons people wish to quit smoking weed is because of the social aspects. Most marijuana smokers will eventually become isolated and very unsociable. It is easy to drift apart from close friends and family who don’t partake in your ritual habit. You are more likely to surround yourself with other pot smokers and hence are making it far harder to kick the habit and stop smoking weed.

There are many other reasons that you may wish to quit smoking weed. However, this may sound harsh, but if you really believe you have your smoking under control, you may be more addicted than you think. As i have mentioned smoking marijuana causes a psychological addiction, which constantly leaves you chasing your next high. So if you really want to stop smoking marijuana, you have to find something else equally as exhilarating to replace that “high”.

WARNING: Don’t allow Marijuana to take over and eventually ruin your life!

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