A Guide for the Bathroom Installation Process



The toilet is invisibly of your possessions before the bathroom installation company arriving.

When the installation staff arrives, carpet protectors are set to decrease potential property harm.

Drinking water has been changed off & the central heating structure is drained
diverse pieces are uninstalled e.g. the blindsand cabinetry, bathroom roll holders, etc..

The existing package is carried out i.e. the tub, shower tray & enclosure, bath & tub display, shower, basin, bathroom, and so on and set into a trash bin.

Leading suggestion

The tub could be the exact last suite item removed to enable almost any waste water out of the restroom bowl or pan trap to be emptied into it.

All the waste pipes are carried outside as fresh models are likely to become installed like a portion of the new setup – this approach guarantees that the fresh pipework is definitely clear and devoid-of buildup such as hair and soap which regularly block up outdated waste plumbing, particularly when they operate faulty!

All the energy

have been disconnected when restricted and proper off e.g. your current electric shower inside this circumstance.

Tile removal

The tiles are subsequently dragged from the walls and the issues to the walls surfaces underneath the tiles has been examined. In a few cases, existing tiles are found to be tiled on walls that were left & plastered, and the leave has been ascertained to become ‘blown’. This usually means it’s no longer stuck economically into the brickwall supporting, and should be taken out to enable the next period of the project to commence.

At this time, more enlarging foam insulation is added throughout round the inadequately fitted UPVC window frame to assist insulating material and restrict warmth reduction from the bathroom.

First Fix Electrics

This activity involves running Each One of the cabling that will energize Every One of the Things Which must be part of their brand new Bath-room installment:

A switched fused spur is outfitted to energize the electric underfloor heating system, and a solitary back box is chased in to the walls out the toilet to adapt the contemporary digital thermostat. A conduit is chased straight in to the wall to feed the underfloor heating wire and temp sensor wire as a result of, allowing clear-cut replacement in the event the detector is discovered to be flawed beyond to complete setup.

Electrical cables are conducted and holes have been drilled into the ceiling to carry brand new ceiling spotlights.

Electrical wires are run to the position required for a modern-day electrical shaver socket, and a back box has been chased straight in to the walls once preparing.

A hole has been drilled into the outdoor wall allowing to get an extractor fan comprised within an attempt to eliminate condensation and mildew, and then a acceptable cables have been run from the loft distance atop. Conventions are fashioned for an isolating button to permit the end user to automatically change off the fan whenever demanded.

Wall prepĀ frying pan splatter guard

After the partitions have been taken ‘back again to brick’ and also 1 st mend electrics have been finished, they are then re-boarded with waterresistant plasterboard by utilizing ‘dot ‘n’ dab’ procedure.

This technique certainly is the quickesteasiest and most inexpensive technique to receive perfectly level, plumb, square partitions if you are boarding a room from ‘ back into brick’

Good stage

When boarding out the room, make sure the inside wall corners are square (specially at the place the shower tray or tub border will be placed) to be certain the tray or tub will probably break tightly upward for the walls surrounding it that will help to set a watertight seal enclosing the tub when fitted precisely.

The outer lining wherever your shower is going to be installed can be left with bonding plaster (instead of wrapped – to be sure the toilet fits with the open area) Because rendering usually packs out the wall less-than ‘dotting ‘n’ dabbing’ and also this really is important on walls where door frames / architrave make this procedure impossible.

At this point, channels are chased in the blockwork to operate the cold and hot pipes into the bathtub, along with in the plaster board to conduct pipe-work to the fresh towel radiator as portrayed previously. More asphalt glue is packed along the newest chased channel in the plasterboard to create sure the board edges are all supported.

Top-most suggestion

It is really safer to obtain completely flat, plumb, square walls before adhering outside to your own pipe-work in lieu of pursuing out those and working to degree the wall around the lines.

This really could be the perfect time for you to paint the ceiling, because you will not splatter the tub or some other tiles by using your paint – you do not possess to cut in together the edges as you’d in the proceedings that you achieved this procedure afterwards tiling the partitions.

Initially Fix Plumbing

This cycle consists of conducting all new supply pipe work into (and waste pipe-work from) the supposed precise location of this all brand new bundle products.

Supply pipe work transfers hot and cold water into the thermostatic mixer shower, tub filler, container mixer tap & (cold water only) into the restroom in this circumstance.

Water is moved through 15/22mm copper or plastic plumbing which can be placed under the floor boards (among and round the joists wherever required) to avoid unpleasant boxing associated with installing pipework over floor amount.

Supply pipe-work functioning the bathtub and bath filler are inserted in addition to this floor boards under the bath, to produce prospective access less troublesome if mend be required.

Provisions may likewise be created for your own pipes to go the wastewater away from the bath/shower, container & bathroom (usually known as squander pipes) These will have to bring waste water arriving out of the toilet (4 in. diameter pipe) straight in to the ground port pipe (which can be normally located on the exterior of your home) and waste water arriving out from your bath/shower (11/2 inch diameter pipe) & tank (inch1/4 inch diameter pipe) into either the soil vent pipe or some rain-water hopper in line with the drainage opportunities out there.

In some cases, the other hole has been drilled to get the tub waste due to the fact fresh tub contained the garbage onto both sides, whilst the former bath’s squander was positioned at the center. That meant the current introduction required to become trashed with mortar – this has been completed prior to re-boarding the walls within this specific circumstance.

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